Q&A: Servcorp’s Stephanie Carrillo-Legaspi on Global Prestige and Organic Growth

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Upflex sat down with Stephanie Carrillo-Legaspi, the Sales & Business Development Manager (Broker Services) of Servcorp US, to discuss Servcorp’s incredible growth and unique strategy, as well as Stephanie’s personal journey with the company.

Meet Servcorp

In 1976, Servecorp’s soon-to-be founder Mr. Alf Moufarrige was about to embark on a new venture. He required office space and secretarial support; but he soon realized that these costs would eat into his profits as his team did not utilize the space 100% of the time. Two years later and with this on his mind, Mr. Alf Moufarrige took a piece of chalk to divide up office space in the MLC Centre (Sydney, Australia). Servcorp was born. The idea took hold and evolved organically. In 12 months, a full 2 floors within the MLC Centre were occupied according to Moufarrige’s vision, along with 1 location in Melbourne. Over the next few decades, Servcorp expanded into other countries and was publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (SRV) in 1999. 

Today, Servcorp offers Executive Suites, Virtual Offices, Coworking and IT Solutions in 160+ locations across 54 cities throughout 23 countries. (It has 5 locations just in New York City!) Offices include CapitaGreen in Singapore, World Trade Center in Abu Dhabi, and the Ilham Tower in Kuala Lumpur. Servcorp is focusing its efforts on the US market, with its premier location at 1 World Trade Center, in NYC. We met with Stephanie at the 1 World Trade Center location, on the 85th floor. 


We asked Stephanie, “how does Servcorp set itself apart from its competitors?” And Stephanie stated, “We focus on having a presence in the most prestigious cities, where tech hubs are located. The most prestigious addresses. Having the views, providing that aggregated value of being in a very well known building, worldwide.” As a result of its conscious effort to pick the most premier locations, “we don’t have a massive presence; we decided to grow organically, the way the business model works. That’s why we’ve been around for so many years.”

Servcorp’s strategy has certainly paid off. It can now give back to its clients – namely, startups. As Stephanie states, Servcorp takes pride in “growing with start-ups, so they can grow with us. Starts with desks, then offices, then a global network; to make it easier for businesses to keep growing. Corporate travelers have access to locations — but not the locations only, we have teams in place. We have a local manager, a dedicated receptionist, dedicated assistance.” She adds, “our business model is not only providing the space, but providing the support. We like to think of ourselves like a partner.”

We asked Stephanie what her personal journey with Servcorp has been, and she explained, “[I] started back in June 2019, as a Virtual Office manager. I started at 1 WTC location, which was a great way of learning more about this company and about coworking and flex space is becoming more and more important to business owners these days.”

\To Stephanie, the position has been “a great way of seeing how companies grow. I oversee the whole US. We grow organically, our main goal is to have that exposure to other companies.” And Stephanie has always been on the scene – she has “always worked in hospitality, namely high-end hotels. But I wanted a sales role more oriented to flex space and coworking.” Now within this quickly growing industry, Stephanie is on an exciting and fulfilling path. 


Like Upflex and its partnership with Trees.org, Servcorp supports the Green Offices project organisation which helps to reduce negative impact on the environment. It has a partnership with Greenfleet, which plants a tree for every Virtual Office sold online. So far, the ‘Servcorp forests’ covers more than 100,000 square metres of regional land and is made up of more than 26,600 trees. And at Upflex, we plant 1 tree for every booking. We hope to see Upflex and Servcorp forests creating sustainable lives for years to come!