Getting You Started with Upflex

Join an Upflex Quick Member Onboarding Webinar or follow some of the links below to familiarize yourself with the Upflex Platform.

Quick Links

Below you will find some helpful links we recommend reading through and bookmarking.

Landing page for quick start

FAQs for Upflex App

FAQs for Browser

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Our Network

For additional self-learning support take a look at our training videos or visit our help page

Featured Presenters


Erin Maechler

Director of Customer Experience


Erin Wolfinger

Customer Experience Manager NAM


Teresa Tavares

Customer Experience Manager EMEA

Our Team is Here For You

Our dedicated Customer Experience Team is designed to assist you with all things Upflex.
From navigating our network to customer support issues, we are available to ensure you get the answers you need.
Click on the Intercom Chat icon in the lower right corner of any of our webpages or on the App Profile Menu, click Help and chose Chat Support.
Prefer email? Send us a message to [email protected]

Login & Get started

Once you have received your account activation email, login in and take a tour of the Upflex Platform and make your first booking.