Upflex in 2024: Serving HR and Employee Experience Leaders

Christophe Garnier headshot

Dear friends of Upflex,

Happy New Year. Looking back at 2023, it was quite the wild ride. With a turbulent global economy and the world grappling with complex and sometimes devastating challenges on multiple fronts, last year tested the resilience of our team — as it did many others in our industry. It was also a year of continued workplace transformation, of achievements and milestones. At Upflex, we’re grateful for a momentous 2023 — and looking forward to some more big steps for our company as we step into 2024.

Over the past year, businesses around the globe have continued to reduce their traditional office footprints and expand their adoption of flexible work models — and to validate Upflex’s solutions for powering the hybrid workplace.

In 2023:

  • Upflex grew our revenue by triple digits, adding new client partners around the world.
  • Many of our valued customers have not only weathered the storm with us, but grew their size and spending on Upflex — expansion they expect to continue in the new year.
  • We continued to built out our offerings, launching collaboration-boosting new features, including the ability to book Upflex spaces via Slack, Google Calendar and Teams.
  • We launched partnerships that added more than 1,100 airport and rail lounges to our network.
  • We grew our global space network from 120 to more than 135 countries, and we’re constantly adding new operator and provider partners around the globe.
  • Through our partnership with Trees for the Future, we continued to plant trees for every desk booked — tens of thousands of trees in the first half of the year alone (we’re still counting for the second half). Happy to help companies work more sustainably not only through cutting back on commutes and being more efficient with real estate, but through offsetting carbon by putting actual trees in the ground.

We don’t expect any slowing down in 2024: Analysts say three quarters of businesses plan to reduce their owned or leased office square footage next year, up 30% from this past year. We’re ready to offer them the best experience out there when it comes to flexible workspace access and management. But we’re also excited to introduce a new focus for our company:

In response to the evolving workplace landscape, we are building solutions not only for corporate real estate, but for HR and employee experience leaders. Increasingly, we’ve seen our enterprise partners leveraging Upflex’s hybrid work tools to boost employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity. In response, we’ve expanded strategic advisory support capabilities. From now forward, we’ll be focused not just on providing great workspace and smart ways to manage it, but also on enhancing connection and collaboration among Upflex users.

As we step into the new year, we’re buoyed by our gratitude: to our Space Partners, who give Upflex users exceptional, safe, productive, comfortable and connected flex work experiences; to our investors who’ve continued to believe in and champion Upflex as a global player in the hybrid work landscape and as a long-term workplace solution; to our community of commercial brokers and to our client partners, for putting their trust in us and for inspiring us with their innovation and leadership in forging a new way to work.

Cheers to 2024 — may it be your best year yet.

With thanks from the Upflex team,